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Country Name: Bali (Provicnce)  in Indonesia

Capital of Bali: Denpasar

Currency: Rupiah (IDR)

Geographic Coordinates: -8.409518, 115.188919

Area: 5,780 square kilometers

Natural Resources: Petroleum and Natural gasses, metals, coal, bauxite, timber

Population: 4,225,384 (2014)

Nationality: Indonesian

Ethnic groups: Ethnicity Bali (90%), Java (7%), Bali Aga (1%), Madurai (1%)

Religions: Hindu (83.5%), Islam (13.4%), Christians (2.5%), Buddhists (0.5%)

Languages: Indonesia (official) , Bali , Malay, Bali

Government type: Republic

Independence: independence From the Netherlands announce August 17 , 1945

Telephone country code: 62

Internet country code: .id

Drive a car: left hand

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