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Riding a taxi in Bali works the same way it does everywhere else—you hail a taxi from the curb, a taxi stops to pick you up, and off you go.

Car Rentals

If you have cash to spare, you can hire a car in Bali, with the option to drive it yourself. If you rent from a reputable car company, you can have the benefit of driving your own vehicle to Bali’s less-traveled destinations, with your range being limited only by your gas budget.

Motorcycle & Scooter Rentals

We’ve mentioned Bali’s notoriously bad roads before, which should give you pause before you consider striking out on your own with a rented motorcycle or scooter in Bali. If you’re a really good rider – or if you’re not, but you’re considering a particularly painful, disfiguring type of suicide – then by all means rent a motorbike and try riding through Bali’s roads. Be a very defensive driver if you do this, make sure you have travel insurance, and be very, very careful out there.

Bicycle Rentals

Rent a bicycle if you want to see Bali in the most earth-friendly way possible. If you choose to ride independently, you can see the Balinese countryside first-hand on your own schedule. Bali’s bike tracks come in many forms, from paved roads to off-road tracks.

Organized bike tours of Bali are also available, catering to all types of bikers of all ages. Tour packages usually include meals, safety gear, and return trips from and to your hotel.

Public Transport

To get around Bali with the least expense, try riding one of the minibuses called bemo that run on set routes around the island. Despite the low prices, drivers will still charge more for foreigners – break out your haggling skills.


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