Jim Thompson Launches New Collection under Artists In Residence Campaign

Jim Thompson Launches New Collection under Artists In Residence Campaign - TRAVELINDEX - VISITTHAILAND.netBangkok, Thailand, April 6, 2023 / TRAVELINDEX / Part of the Artists In Residence campaign, the Jim Thompson X Nakrob Moonmanas collection features men’s and women’s wear in linen and silk, as well as a line of accessories in printed canvas. The launch event, which includes a fashion show and artist talk, takes place at the Jim Thompson Art Center. Jim Thompson, the iconic global lifestyle brand from Thailand, is proud to announce the launch of its second collection under the Artists In Residence campaign. This 2023 collection is a collaboration between Jim Thompson and Nakrob Moonmanas, the famous Thai collage artist and illustrator.

The Jim Thompson X Nakrob Moonmanas collection is the second collection under this campaign, and is inspired by antiques and fine arts from various eras on display at the Jim Thompson House Museum. The collection features men’s and women’s wear in linen and silk and includes a line of accessories in printed canvas.

Nakrob Moonmanas’ distinctive work invites limitless interpretation. By masterfully blending elements of local history and culture, Moonmanas creates striking compositions with a modern aesthetic. His upbringing in the heart of old city Bangkok, amidst bustling streets, ancient temples, contrasting architecture, and royal palaces, has shaped his passion and artistic vision. This unique blend of influences has led to a complex relationship with his cultural roots, which is vividly reflected in his artwork. He brings this energy to this latest Jim Thompson Collection.

Says, Nunnapat Verojanavat, Marketing Director of Jim Thompson, “The Artists In Residence initiative offers an exceptional opportunity for three renowned Thai artists to create their individual collections in collaboration with Jim Thompson. Perfectly timed to coincide with the vibrant Songkran celebrations, these exclusive collections beautifully capture the spirit of the festival through unique designs, intricate patterns, and trendy styles. By blending traditional elements with contemporary fashion sensibilities, the Artists In Residence campaign creates a stunning showcase that highlights the talent and innovation of Thai artists and designers. Not only will this year’s collection – Jim Thompson X Nakrob Moonmanas – pay homage to the exhilarating fun of Songkran, but it will also serve as a testament to the immense creativity and ingenuity within Thailand’s flourishing fashion industry.”

For this collection Nakrob Moonmanas takes inspiration from the antiques and fine arts on display at the Jim Thompson House Museum. In particular, the Brahmachat picture book as well as illustrations, engravings, drawing and sketches by foreign travellers who visited the kingdom, capturing aspects of Ayutthaya, such as its architecture, people, culture, and daily life in their art.

These artworks motivated Nakrob Moonmanas to develop a captivating, central print for the collection that is a symbolic bridge uniting the East and the West, and connecting the realms of reality and fantasy. In addition, the print encompasses elements of Siamese-American history, such as the journey of the Siamese twins. These historical aspects are interwoven with cosmic and space exploration themes, reflecting the transformative global movement that occurred during the time Jim Thompson settled into his cherished Thai home. Consequently, the artist invites the viewer to embark on an exploration of diverse universes through this visually striking and thought-provoking collection.

Regarding the inspiration and ideas behind the new collection, Nakrob Moonmanas said, “I wanted to create a print that would transport people to another world, a world that combines different eras and cultures. The print represents a connection between the east and the west, the past and the future, and the real and the imaginary. I believe that this collection will inspire people to explore their imagination and creativity.”

The printing process for this collection is unique and symbolic too. The printing is done using the batik technique, where wax is used to block the dye from penetrating the fabric. The process creates a unique texture and pattern that is different for each piece.

The impactful men’s and women’s wear lines are built around the understated monochrome print in blue and red. The women’s collection is highlighted by the batwing sleeve dress, sleeveless maxi dress, and the signature zip fisherman pants. Tops feature a sleeveless mandarin collar shirt and a boxy shirt. For men, there is the choice of a Hawaiian-style linen shirt or a half-sleeve silk, slim-fit collar shirt, as well as cotton tees and fisherman pants. The unisex canvas beach bags and reversible bucket hat are given a sense of drama through the addition of a bold, colourful print. Like the monochrome print, this one too, straddles fantasy and reality and the east and the west.

The launch event on April 4th will feature a fashion show with models showcasing the new collection. At the event Nakrob Moonmanas will also speak about his inspiration and the designs he has created. Guests will have the opportunity to purchase the new collection at Jim Thompson Iconic Store located next door at the Jim Thompson Heritage Quarter and meet the artist.

Jim Thompson and Nakrob Moonmanas invite you to visit the Jim Thompson stores and experience the new unique collection.

About Jim Thompson
No brand spells heritage like Jim Thompson, the Thai Silk Company founded in 1951by James H.W. Thompson, an art collector, a socialite, and an entrepreneur who has been famously recognized as the driving force behind the revival of the Thailand’s silk industry. Jim Thompson’s disappearance remains the largest mystery in South East Asia until today. Today, Jim Thompson is the iconic global lifestyle brand from Thailand with a reputation for beautiful silks and “Beyond Silk”.

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